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My friend caffeinatednightmares caught me making this gif. I’m studying A&P at her Starbucks right now.

The struggle is real 

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Hello friends, as you may know, Arizona got torrential rainfall this past week (as in, more rain in 3 hours than we have in an average year) and we’re supposed to repeat that this weekend with the remnants of a hurricane hitting Mexico as we speak.

Please spread the word to your Arizona followers so they can prepare and take the necessary steps to prepare for the flooding once more.

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I feel cute today.
That is all.


flannel weather? 🍁

Guys, isn’t my coworker the cutest?
Yes, yes she is.


Zack and I had the most relaxing night. I wish every night could be this way.

He came over and I made some chamomile tea. We drank about half of it and then I made a bath. It was super hot and we just sat and talked in the tub and relaxed. After that, we laid on the bed and let the fan blow on us for a while. I was so sleepy and relaxed.


Some things you should remind yourself daily

  • Your tummy is great
  • You have really nice legs
  • You have a really beautiful face
  • Your hair looks rad
  • You’re good enough
  • Your body is 100% normal and acceptable.
  • It’s yours and you should decorate it how you want
  • You’re hella cute

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On the one-month anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, his family gathered at the Ferguson Police Department to again demand justice for his murder. Where is Darren Wilson, and why has he still not been arrested? #farfromover #staywoke

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From the ISO’s kick-off forum “Why You Should Join the Socialists & Change the World”.

"Starbucks baristas make about $9/hr. If they make 3 drinks for $5 each, they pay for their hour of their labor & supplies. At 5 drinks they pay for themselves & a coworker. At 10 the whole store for an hour. At peak hours they make 2-300 drinks & see none of the profits. Every drink after 3 is theft."

It actually took me 5 years to get to $9 an hour. It’s all bullshit. I’m so fucking tired of Starbucks, I quit about 3 weeks ago and i’m so much happier. It’s really high stress job and the pay is shit.

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So I went to a Supplemental Instruction session today. THANK GOD I WENT! The instructor (who is a grad student) answered all of the test review questions, added another 30 questions and then gave us the answers top those as well.

So we’re all scribbling furiously and halfway through he says ” You guys don’t have to write so fast, inn going to email this to you.”

The entire room experienced a collective sigh.

I’m so happy now, this class is killing me and I needed this break. I’ve also had two clients resign for more session and got two more new case clients.

It’s a good day.



I blinked one day and when I opened my eyes, it was normal to have an American army battling Americans on American streets. No one even calls it a war. But it is.

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tomorrow is september 11th. to all my muslims, please be careful. please.

especially in NYC where i ride metro daily, especially the main train that takes me directly to world trade center so i can transfer to other trains, be careful.

if you can, try to avoid using the train or any public places where you assume is unsafe.

there are crazy people out there. allah ma3ak.

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Soooooooo tired :(

Same! I’m laying in denying the fact that I have to bike to class in 15 mins.

My HIIT class went week this morning. I incorporated some shoulder presses into the routine and had a good response.

I had another aerobic dance class today. We did a step routine and I burned around 260 calories according to my HRM.

I’m taking a short nap inbetween classes. If I don’t, I’m just gonna fall asleep on my face.

" Girls compete against each other. Women empower one another. "

- We’re all gonna make it.
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